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Collide Capital’s mission is to guide founders on their institutional capital journey and equip them with resources, knowledge networks, and hands-on operational support for a successful exit.
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We help you manage your most important asset - your relationships. Our product identifies the right people to contact, helps strengthen those relationships, and recommends ways to accomplish goals through your network. We achieve this by working with your email, calendar, and other data sources - and fusing that with our algorithms and the practices of the world's best relationship builders. In doing so, we empower you to develop your most powerful source of opportunity - knowing the right people.
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Atomic builds critical financial infrastructure that allows fintechs, banks, and consumer-facing companies to offer engaging investing experiences to their customers in a frictionless way.
The solution was to create an online platform that offers access to mental health services to minorities and marginalized communities with an emphasis on intersectionality which involves matching them with counselors based on race, gender, orientation, religion and disability.
Bootup helps companies fill their talent gaps by tapping into the fastest growing tech talent pool - the bootcamp and vocational training school market. We help entry level candidates and companies find the right fit to build successful long term relationships through our matching algorithms, employer sponsored certifications, and concierge service. We also work directly with bootcamps to help them increase their cohort sizes, while improving placement rates with our candidate management software. Our work has already had a positive impact on our bootcamp and employer partners, helping increase headcount and improve placement rates.
Brevy enables teams of all sizes to collaborate on their website without losing any detail - visible or invisible.
Butter is on a mission to build the world’s first connected food system. Our vision? A food system that runs efficiently, sustainably, and transparently. Butter's software enables SMB food distributors to make the long-overdue transition from analog to digital workflows. We're building a connected platform with a holistic suite of tools that empower them to automate operations, save invaluable time from tedious work, and grow their business. But this is just the beginning. We invite you to imagine what the food distribution industry of tomorrow could look like - and build it together with us.
At Ceylon, our mission is to create accessible, easy-to-use products, specifically formulated to help men of color achieve the best possible skin.
Culina Health is a personalized nutrition platform powered by registered dietitians to help you prioritize the way you want to live. We make insurance-covered nutrition care accessible and easier to understand so that you can fuel a satisfying and well balanced life.
CustomerX.i brings powerful, innovative, and actionable insights to help clients find, understand, and engage their customers.
EMTECH is a fintech company that modernizes central banks for financial inclusion and resilience. It offers design and builds services for digital currency-based solutions customized for their economy. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in New York, New York.