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Senior Full Stack Engineer



Software Engineering
New York, NY, USA
Posted on Thursday, December 1, 2022
As one of the founding engineers at Slang, you will work closely with the CEO and CTO on projects that drive our success. High impact is a trope in tech, but it's definitely true here. Everything you build will touch our existing and incoming customers and propel sales into the stratosphere. If you enjoy feeling the direct impact of your work on users, as opposed to the faceless masses (which is cool too we're former big tech ppl so not judging), this might be your ticket to the moon. You will touch our existing full-stack kotlin MPP application, our backend systems that handle the voice/ai heavy-lifting and new things we haven't even thought of yet (well, yes there's a roadmap too).


  • 6+ years of experience in a professional software engineering setting building production quality applications
  • Facility with static typing — type systems with generics are a huge +
  • Familiarity with hybrid functional/OOP programming
  • At least a little experience with Java (don't need to be an expert but Java comes up in libraries we use and kotlin is JVM after all)
  • SQL/NoSQL are NBD for you
  • React or similar tooling
  • Expertise in AWS/GCP/Azure (we are on GCP)
  • Strong grasp of microservices and stateless application paradigms in cloud computing environments
  • Laughs in distributed systems

Bonus Points

  • Kotlin/Scala
  • ML/AI systems and infrastructure
  • Enough Kubernetes to know the pain points
  • Advanced degree with a focus in NLP
  • (This one is a super not necessary, but hey, we can dream) Advanced degree with a focus in NLP
Competitive pay
Generous equity
Healthcare fully compensated
Generous vacation
Our Vision
Calling a business shouldn’t feel like a robot-hostage situation, where you’re forced to listen to horrible music and can't reach a human, while enduring a soulless voice uttering "I'm sorry I didn't quite get that" on repeat for eternity. (shudder) That’s why we started We use the latest AI and audio wizardry to make transacting via voice so enjoyable it’s more human than human. By 2030, we will save businesses and consumers 1 billion minutes of precious time while transforming voice channels into the preferred mode of communication (it's faster and easier than text).
We have backgrounds building product at companies like Spotify, Buzzfeed, the New York Times, and OpenTable —shipping experiences that have reached hundreds of millions of users. Now, we’re using our backgrounds to start a new culture, one that puts product and human-centered design above all else while fostering constant learning and growth. Sound like something you’d like to be part of? Get on board.
Our Values
Build for better. If it doesn't make life better, we don't build it. We're obsessed with the experience of not just our end-users and their customers, but also our employees and anyone affected by what we create.
Collaborate playfully. You won't find any downers here. We don’t have a tiny violin. We're all on the same team, and we act like it. We support each other, joke around (appropriately), and keep our egos in low orbit. We dance when the music isn't playing and invite others to join.
Keep growing. Growth requires an environment that encourages it and people who crave it. We lay the groundwork for both. By welcoming diverse perspectives that challenge our own thinking, we can amplify our individual and collective potential.
Give a sh*t. Everyone is an owner. We dive into any problem head-first and keep ourselves and others accountable. Why? Because we care about doing right by our end users, our customers, and all other stakeholders.
Make lightspeed look good. Moving fast allows us to better serve our customers and outrun the competition. Sometimes we drop the baton, but instead of getting upset about it, we learn and adapt. And even as we rocket ahead, we don’t sacrifice quality or settle for crappy code or poor design.